Young Adult Circle


In the spring of 2006, young adult representatives of Deanery Two in the Diocese of San Jose started to work together to build a community of young adults that spanned across parish boundaries, with the idea that each parish was too small to individually sustain a viable young adult community. So with representation from the parishes of the Deanery (Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Albert the Great, Our Lady of the Rosary, Stanford University, Saint Athanasius, Saint Joseph, Saint Nicholas, Saint William, Saint Simon) we set out to establish events and traditions that would draw young adults from the entire deanery, in order to establish a sustainable and vibrant young adult community.


The Mission of the Deanery Two Young Adult Community follows the guidelines published by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops:

  • Bring Young Adults closer to Christ
  • Bring Young Adults closer to the Church
  • Bring Young Adults to the Mission of the Church
  • Bring Young Adults closer to their peers

To achieve these goals, the core team of Deanery Two has come up with a framework of events to be held at the Deanery level, as well as the parish level.

There will be events in three different categories: Spiritual, Service, and Social. There will be big events (designed to draw 50 or more people) and small events (designed to attract 15 people at most).